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Publications, media etc

A round-up of external publications and media coverage referring directly to the work on this site.

Authored articles, publications and other media

1.12.15   Chapter on student funding in Higher Education in Scotland and the UK: Diverging or Converging Systems, eds S Riddell, E Weedon and S Minty, EUP

30.11.15 BBC Radio Wales – Good Morning Wales: live interview on student funding proposals by Universities Wales

24.11.15 The Daily Record

24.11.15 The Rattle

4.11.15  BBC Radio Scotland – Kay Adams Programme: live discussion of student funding and debt in Scotland

27.10.15  Borders TV – Borders  Tonight: live interview  on new Scottish Government student funding statistics

12.10.15  BBC Radio Wales – Good Morning Wales: live interview on fee proposals by Welsh Conservatives

26.9.15  Sceptical Scot

17.9.15  Conference Paper, British Educational Research Association

1.5.15 Sceptical Scot

22.4.15  Political Quarterly (with Sheila Riddell, Sarah Minty and Elisabet Weedon)

15.3.15 Research Fortnight

Paywall: article on research funding in Scotland

8.3.15  Sceptical.Scot

26.2.15  Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI)

Whose to Lose? Citizens, institutions and the ownership of higher education funding in a devolved UK

26.2.15 Good Morning Wales: live interview on HEPI report

29.12.14 The Herald

25.10.14 The Herald

6.10.14  The Herald

14.9.14 Research Fortnight

Paywall: article on the implications for Scotland of current BIS consultation on EU residence requirements and associated wider issues raised by Scottish independence.

Feb 2014  ESRC programme: Future of UK and Scotland

9.12.13 Economics of Higher Education (LSE blog, by invitation)

1.10.13 Scotsman

15.8.13   Scotsman

5.6.13  Scotsman

Other coverage

15.12.15 The Guardian

14.12.15 The Scotsman

14.12.15 The New Statesman

31.10.15 The Scotsman

27.10.15 The Daily Telegraph

27.10.15 ITV News

22.10.15  Vox (US news site)

2.10.15  The Economist

20.09.15  The New Zealand Herald

19.09.15 The Telegraph

July 2015 Prospect Magazine (opening paras only: paywall).

09.06.15  Centre on Constitutional Change

22.05.15  Financial Times

19.05.15 CAPX

15.05.15 The Herald

6.05.15 CAPX

5.05.15 The Times

4.05.15  The Daily Mail

2.05.15  Financial Times

1.05.15 Newsnight Live (election blog)

1.05.15 Financial Times

1.05.15 Left Foot Forward

23.04.15  THES

19.4.15 The Telegraph….html

11.4.15 The Guardian (indirect reference)

18.3.15  The Times


3.3.15 The Guardian

2.3.15  Times Higher Education Supplement

26.2.15 Times Higher Education Supplement

2.12.14 The World Socialist Website

7.11.14 The Scotsman

28.10.14  The Guardian

27.10.14 The Herald

6.10.14 The Herald (indirect reference)

17.9.14  The Australian

29.7.14 Herald

28.7.14  Guardian

5.5.14 The Daily Record

1.5.14 Huffington Post

30.4.14  Herald

29.4.14 Guardian

17.12.13  Scotsman

19.6.13 Holyrood Magazine

6.6.13  Scotsman


26.3.15 The Scotsman

21.9.14 Scotland on Sunday

13.9.14 The Herald

9.9.14 The Guardian


Kenealy, D. (2016)  THE ECONOMY AND THE CONSTITUTION UNDER THE SNP, 2007–2016, in Scottish Affairs 25.1 (2016): 8–27

Finance Committee, Scottish Parliament Report on Draft Budget 2016-17  (29 January 2016)

State of the Nation 2015  Child Poverty and Social Mobility in Great Britain Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission 17 December 2014 ISBN Ref: ISBN 9781474125642 (p183)  


Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance Arrangements in Wales: Interim Report, December 2015 (pp79-80)

State of the Nation 2014  Child Poverty and Social Mobility in Great Britain Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission 20 October 2014 ISBN 9781474111195 (p221)    


Brown, G  My Scotland, Our Britain  London: Simon and Schuster, 2014


1.12.15 Presentation – seminar at University of Edinburgh Widening Access to Scottish Higher Education: Getting in and Getting on

Slides here:

Youtube: [1.06 onwards]

2.9.15 Commission on Widening Access

Slides here:


Scottish Parliament:

Smith Commission:

Submission on Student Loans to Smith Commission October 2014

Commission on Widening Access July 2015:

Access Commission form July 2015 Annex to Access Commission evidence

Annex to Access Commission evidence