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2015-16 student support rates now available – no change (and still no announcement)

April 3, 2015

This post noted that on 1 April there was still no information on the 2015-26 student support rates in Scotland.

Thank-you to someone who happened to be checking the SAAS website today and let me know that since mid-week the funding guide linked on the SAAS site has been updated for 2015-2016 – the alternating banner headline on the site now alerts visitors to the new guide being available: it is here.  The relevant page on the SAAS site with the link is here.

The main pages are yet to be fully updated and still refer to 2014-15

SAAS screenshot 3 April 2015

and there does not appear to be any announcement as yet on the government news pages.

SG news at 15.27 3 April

Maybe something is planned for after the holiday weekend (today is Good Friday, so this may be a few days away).

The grant and loan rates remain at the same levels since 2014-15, in line with the prediction in this piece about the Scottish budget, from August 2013, that “freezing student grant levels … seems likely to be a strong contender for managing the pressure [on the budget]”. Grant rates are now unchanged since 2013-14.


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