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Student support rates for Scotland 2015-16: missing in action

March 9, 2015

This post is part of a now-regular  series wondering what has happened to announcements on the 2015-16 Scottish student support rates.

We have had the 2015-16 figures for England for nearly  a year – they were announced on 13 March 2014 (exceptionally early, admittedly).  They are available for Wales and Northern Ireland

As of last weekend, we  even now know what the maximum rate of Young Student Bursary will be after the next Scottish elections in 2016, should Labour win.

But with less than six months before some courses will be starting, students in Scotland don’t know how much loan or grant they will be entitled to in the coming academic year.

In recent years, the initial deadline for applications to SAAS has been 30 June, just over three months away.  By April last year, students were being urged to get their applications in.

It’s obvious from the visitor statistics for this site that people are looking for this information.  If you are one of them, I’m sorry I can’t help.  I hope someone else will soon.



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