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Scotland’s unequal sharing of student debt: news reaches Australia

September 16, 2014

The Australian has just published a piece on higher education in Scotland which discusses the unequal sharing of debt in Scotland. It is unfortunately not possible to read the whole piece without a subscription, but it starts like this:

In contrast to England, Scotland maintains free higher education for its citizens. Free education sounds egalitarian, but there are questions over whether Scotland should continue with this policy after the independence referendum. Under a yes vote, European law could threaten Scottish university revenue. Under any vote, Scottish claims of student ­equity are threatened by new ­research into fees, grants and student loans.
A further visible snippet adds:
Interestingly, a recent study by Lucy Hunter-Blackburn found that free education in Scotland was less equitable than the moderate fee regime of …. [visible quote ends, but the reference will almost certainly be to Wales.]
This follows some earlier coverage in The Huffington Post.
All that’s needed now is an equivalent amount of interest from the Scottish media, beyond the Scotsman and The Herald.

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