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Scottish Parliament Committee Inquiry

March 12, 2014

Prompted by the current debate on Scottish independence, the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee is currently holding an inquiry into Scotland’s educational and cultural future.

Its questions on higher education focus on the themes covered in most detail in the recent White Paper ie rUK student fees, research and international students.

My evidence EC evidence March 2014 to the inquiry suggests there are a number of issues raised by student support in which it would be useful for the Committee to take an interest, in particular the future portability of student support around the UK, what residence tests would apply and issues affecting student loans. The Committee has also asked for issues to consider for the future regardless of the outcome of September’s referendum. In that context, I have highlighted the current skewing of student loans towards those from lower-income backgrounds as an issue requiring reform.

All the evidence submitted to the Committee and details of its hearings will be available at the link above. The oral evidence session on higher and further education is planned for 25 March.


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